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LB Transcendental Studios is a digital agency that provides all forms of digital marketing and advertising services.

Our mission is to assist our clients to swiftly and seamlessly digitise their business by:

  1. Helping to automate their internal operations.

  2. Develop digital assets to expand reach.

  3. Rebrand their engagements with customers.

  4. Re-establish better relationships with their customers.

  5. Provide digital solutions to existing issues. 


Our vision is to be "the" go-to agency for SMEs to grow their digital business.


When you become our client, you are our family. We provide honest advice that will make a measurable difference to your brand. Like our motto, 'Raising The Bar..." our goal is to raise your brand to greater heights. We will lay it all out and give you our expert opinion based on our company's combined skillset and knowledge. We aim to be honest and transparent without sugar-coating what you as a client needs to hear. More importantly, we work on delivering 'results-based and measurable outcomes. 


Join us and be part of our family.

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Lohi Naidu

  • LinkedIn

Business Analyst, Retail Marketing, Account Manager, Sales, Social Media, Copywriter, Digital Marketer and Web Developer


Pooja Kei

  • LinkedIn

Award Winning Writer, Account Manager, Copywriter, Ghost Writer, Photographer, Creative Planner and Strategist

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